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computer maintenance

Many businesses now rely on I. T. for their day to day running, only realising how much they rely on their PC when it goes wrong. We offer an efficient repair service, or if we deem your PC uneconomical to repair, we can advise on sourcing the replacement PC to meet your needs. We carry common items (such as Hard Disks, Processors,Cooling Fans and memory) so we can often 'swap out' faulty items on the spot.


IT virus support and backup adviceSecurity

It is impossible to overstress the importance of backing up a business's data. A backup solution need not be expensive. Moreover, consider the cost to your business if you suffered a catastrophic data loss, possibly due to a faulty hard drive, fire or theft. We can provide a preventative maintenance package for your business ensuring your IT remains virus and spam free and that your data is held securely.


Anti Virus and spam advice

Unfortunately computer viruses and spam email seem to get everywhere.
There are a few basic precautions you can take to prevent your business from being affected by these.
We are happy to advise and implement these solutions, whether you have a single PC or a network.




Networking and consultancyThere are a number of benefits in networking PC's together. You can share files, internet connections and hardware but keep private those files and devices you do not wish to share with others. A wired or wireless network need not be expensive. Tell us your requirements and we will advise and implement the ideal solution for your business.


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