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Case Study

These are actual statistics from a site maintained by us for six Months.

A We took over the site in Mid June to provide content updating.
We routinely applied our 'on site' search engine optimisation techniques and within one month, as can be seen, the site traffic had increased at least fourfold. By Mid July the site was on page 1 for '2 out of 3' of the 30 major UK search engines

B The client decided not to continue with our services in November and the site was not maintained in any way for about 5 Months.

The traffic fell away significantly in the first month and remained at that level until.....

C The site was then updated by another organisation/web designer who clearly undid the changes we had made and succeeded in reducing the traffic to less than the levels attained before point A

Search Engine Optimisation

This business had a significant online ordering element.
The implications of this drop in website traffic are obvious.

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